Skating in the Netherlands has a long, unique history. Our low country is ideally suited to move you across the ice in the winter. Nowhere else in the world do you find so many people on ice skates in winter than in the Netherlands. That was already the case in the 15th century and is happening to this day. During those centuries, various developments took place in the skating culture, which led to the Netherlands still being a leading skating country.

Until 1975, virtually nothing was recorded about skating-related subjects such as the craft of skating, the different types of skates and the various winter cultural customs in the Netherlands including ice cream parties, skating disciplines, ice huts, clothing, winter dishes and so on.

Since then, many people in the Netherlands have gathered information about objects and customs related to skating culture. In 1975 a number of them decided to establish the (Collectors' circle), Stichting De Poolster, a group that aims to make acquired skating knowledge and information accessible to a broad public in a contemporary way. We want to keep the rich Dutch skating culture alive and transfer it to future generations. We trust that this website is a stimulus for further research into our rich skating history.

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See also the glossary Antique Ice Skate Terms.

The board of De Stichting De Poolster


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