Images of skating


To this day, for centuries, artists, artisans, and amateurs have pictured skating and everything to do with it to a large audience. Images have appeared on prints, drawings and paintings since the 15th century.

From the 16th century, tiles and other ceramics such as plates, vases and plaques were added. And in the centuries after that were images in the form of skate statues (from ca.1700), advertising plates (from ca.1870), postcards (from ca.1900), photos (after 1850), viewing boxes (carved from wood and bone performances, from ca.1800), etc.

The subjects Paintings, Drawings and Watercolors, Prints, Tiles and Ceramics, Skate art in the public space, Postcards, and Bavelaars are already included on These topics can be expanded in the coming years.

For the oldest images look at Skating in early text and on pictures.

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