Speed skating artworks in Public space


Skating have been captured in art since 1325 , initially in drawings, prints and paintings, but soon also in sculptures. The collection shown here (click on the image below) is about the  permanent artworks in public space. This concerns flat and 3D objects that represent ice skaters: speed skating that is. Art concerning ice hockey or ice dancing are not included.

The oldest here recorded speedskating art is from 1662, but most art have been placed in recent decades. The works of art can be found from Friesland (province in the Netherlands) to North Korea and from Oslo to Suwa, but so far always in the northern hemisphere. They can be found in very obvious places such as Bislett (even two), but also in the London and Moscow subways. From weather vanes to tombstones, from stained glass to bronze statues, you will find a wide variety in all this skating art.

Not included in this list are images that are in museums, nor are the logo's painted on buildings of a skatingclub. Skating art in churches, ice rinks or bars are included if they are fixed parts of the interior.

We try to include photographic material from all speed skating art, but we need permission. So if you come close to a speedskating work of art that does not yet have a photo on this site, or even better, is not yet known on this site: Take photos yourself and make them available!

If you want to make a route along one or more works of art, you can use the Google map: Skating artworks in public space

If you have any questions or would like to share photos or knowledge, please contact Caroline van Staaveren



Speed skating art in public space

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